Feature Story: Solo Artist And Speaker, Csilla Muscan

Singing in church since the age of seven, Csilla Muscan does not fear the stage, which is a blessing because that’s exactly where God has called her to stand for Him.

Romanian-born but ethnic Hungarian, at age 18 Csilla (pronounced chee-la) began professionally singing and touring with the musical group A New Song, part of a mission organization called Friendship International Ministries. With this opportunity, she became a full-time missionary and met her husband, David, who also served with the organization. She stopped touring with the group after 8 years when she and David moved to the U.S. Though her passion for singing remained, she thought her professional singing career had ended for good.

After years of battling depression and fear, struggling with health concerns and bitterness, issues with her family and from her past, and wondering about her purpose in life, Csilla finally sought counseling. Even there at her lowest—especially there—God continued working His plan for her: after a few years, her counselor recommended her to a music producer, who eventually helped launch her solo music career.

Though at times she still struggles with self-image and doubt, God’s teaching her to love herself simply because He loves her. She’s allowing Him to turn her past trials into moving lyrics and inspirational messages; she wrote or co-wrote every song on her last two albums. Csilla’s fourth independent record, available as of January 27, includes one of her absolute favorites, the album’s title song, ‘Honestly.’  Csilla explains, “[In this song,] God is telling the woman, I look at you and I stand in awe because this is what I’ve created you to be. So now go out and be free, and follow the things I’ve placed on your heart. Don’t be afraid.” This is the message she’s thrilled to share with women around the world.

In addition to singing and songwriting, Csilla has become a women’s inspirational speaker for both Christian and non-Christian events. Her pop-soul style and clear, mellifluous tones carry stories of her past, her heartache, and God’s ability to overcome the trials of this life to bring messages of hope to others. Her new song “Through It All” holds one such message and has become a fan favorite even before its release.

“Today when I look back, I’m just absolutely amazed. I could’ve never imagined the places He has taken me in 5, 6 years. Because back in 2007, 2010, I was in such a low point, I couldn’t even see hope for tomorrow. And today, to be able to sing in front of sometimes 1000s of people and share my story and the things that God has done in my life, I just stand in awe. And through all of that, God has been there and had a plan, even when I didn’t see it, and He had carried me through all of that.”

Based in Nashville, TN, Csilla travels around the country, inspiring congregations and womens’ groups with her ability to speak openly and honestly about her past wounds. She especially enjoys plucking knowledge from the women in the Bible to inspire her audiences to lean in to God and the future He’s created for them.

When asked what her favorite Bible verse is, she responded, “For we are God’s handiwork, created in Christ Jesus to do good works, which God prepared in advance for us to do.” Csilla’s learning to live and grow into that Ephesians 2:10 promise. And her message is for us to do the same.

For more information on Csilla’s music and tour schedule, please visit http://www.csillamusiconline.com or connect with her on Facebook .

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