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Whenever you think of David Phelps, you probably think “excellence.” He has one of the most phenomenal voices of any genre of music. His new solo project, Freedom, not only showcases the voice that has filled concert halls all over the world, it displays many aspects of Phelps’ musical brilliance.

Several of the selections featured on Freedom are new songs, mostly written by David himself. There are also tunes that may be more familiar (like the classic Dottie Rambo song, “We Shall Behold Him”), and two traditional spirituals (“Ain’t No Grave” and “When the Saints Go Marching In”). Every song is creatively different. While listening to Freedom, you’ll hear many different instruments in the orchestration – which allows the listener to experience a variety of emotions and feelings.

The title song “Ghost Town” (also called “Freedom”) opens with four verses that depict Satan coming into a town to overtake it (while deceiving everyone, and convincing them that they’re worthless and eternally trapped in their sin). As it gets closer to the chorus, the music escalates to make you feel the tension of spiritual warfare – as Jesus steps in and saves the day, and as Satan (along with his demons) is defeated. The chorus simply says, “Mercy broke the chains and they cried out freedom, freedom, freedom!” It’s a moving and powerful message that Jesus has complete and total victory.

There are other great theological messages portrayed on the album. The opening song, “I’m Coming Home,” describes the moment we realize that we’ve strayed the Lord, and we need to return. “Little White Church” will make you recall when you first heard about Jesus. “Holy (Sanctus)” is a reminder of the holiness of God, while “The Lily” personifies Jesus as the most precious and pure bloom Who endured agony on the Cross, and bloomed again in the morning light of His resurrection.

If you want to hear a world-class voice with a seemingly endless range, this album is for you. If you appreciate music theory, and love hearing the orchestrations fit into a powerful message, this album is for you. If you want to be spiritually challenged to think about things in a different way, this album is for you.

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