Movie Review: PRICELESS By Jared Allen

A story of the ultimate redemption and the worth of not only a good woman, but of the integrity of a soul. Every human has the right to freedom and the obligation to not look on when other’s freedoms are being stolen.

PRICELESS is about a man who feels he is worthless that meets a world who agrees with him. But he is made to realize his worth and the worth of others when he is faced with a choice: does he reach out and take the life that he wants, or does he stay and fix the life that he has made for himself.

James is a troubled soul looking for purpose, but he never thought he would be in this situation. James lost his purpose in life when his wife died, and since that happened his life went downhill. PRICELESS has a mission, and it feels so very well. This is a great film maybe not one you’d want to watch over and over again, but for the point is trying to get across, and professionalism and skill with which it conveys that point, this is very good film.


Before I get to the praises of all the things the film did right, I’d like to talk a little bit about the technical side of things. This film is not lacking talent in any department, but perhaps the talent is misdirected. The acting quality far exceeded my expectations. I was anticipating, at best the overplayed characters of a Hallmark film; however, I received instead a caliber of acting that was better than many name actors on the blockbuster scene.

The score for the film was on point. It was nothing spectacular but it set the mood for each scene and moved through the transitions rather well. It was a solid production as far a post work, (editing, scoring, sound mixing), was concerned.

The only thing I found mildly destructing was the cinematography with camera angles, locations, distances from characters, and coloring and light exposure. There were only slight instances were I saw minor slip-ups here and there but overall, this was a technically great film!

Because of the types of themes this movie employees to get his message across, it probably isn’t one families with younger children should watch together. Ultimately, this is a judgment call that parents and families must make for themselves. But I would advise the parents review the film first before allowing their children to see it. Even things which have the proper message and come from the proper perspective and worldview could be disturbing, and can influence people in negative ways who are not prepared to receive the messages and don’t fully understand the context of the themes.

What I love most about this film is that it is the gospel and yet, you don’t really see it until the end. James was rescued from a life of worthlessness to find the worth in others and to show them that they have real value: that they are priceless in the eyes of God. I’d love to tell you all about the movie, but I really don’t want to give it away.

What I liked about this movie is the makers get it. There are many Christian films that feel they need to include the plan of salvation in every single movie. It’s like there’s a set of verses, a specific formula that must be followed or else it is not considered a Christian movie, or at the very least people won’t know how to get saved if this movie doesn’t say it exactly as it is. While there is some benefit in that, and while for certain films that is acceptable, even encouraged, If every Christian film was like that no secular audience would watch it. How can we reach the world if we isolate ourselves from them?

PRICELESS has a clear, gospel, biblical message of human beings having worth. It also carried several moral messages within that weren’t technically “Christian” but we’re definitely things in which Christians believe. The makers of priceless get it, the way to influence the world for Christ is to give them a message they will understand, one that they need, and a film that will bring them to that message in the most effective and efficient way possible.

PRICELESS isn’t just a movie for entertainment, and it’s not just a film with the mission of getting its message across. It’s both. The movie is put together in such a way that it won’t turn people away from it by being a Christian film.  I would say it is more a film that is made by Christians then it is a “Christian film.” It is for that reason that I highly recommend you watch PRICELESS and support its message and its mission.

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