This past Saturday morning as I scrolled through Facebook, I stumbled upon a story-card video that literally moved my heart. Three hours I felt like I personally knew Ti Ti Ladette because I immediately purchased her book from Amazon and read it all the way through without stopping.

My heart was stirred and eyes were opened! I wasn’t moved because I was relating to this precious lady’s testimony. In fact, my upbringing and life couldn’t be more polar opposite from hers. What moved me was a real-live testimony of the wonderful work of restoration, and redemption of Jesus Christ and what the powerful work of forgiveness can do in a person’s life.

This precious author opens up and tells her life story of overcoming drug addiction, prostitution, child-hood molestation, physical, sexual and verbal abuse, mental illness, jail time and losing custody of children- and more!  I can only imagine the number of tears Ti Ti has shed in her life-time. The good news is, when she cried out for mercy, for deliverance and for forgiveness, God heard her cry and started working a miracle of grace in her life.

The last part of the book, Ti Ti  describes how God has turned the broken into beautiful. God is using her to educate, inspire and lead others into the transformed life that only Christ can give. The author shares statistics as well as important information regarding these heart-breaking issues. 

This is a great book to bring hope to others dealing with addictions, but also sheds light for anyone serving in ministry. Because Ms. Ladette has shared openly and in detail, anyone’s understanding can be deepened even without personally experiencing the same obstacles, hardships and demons she faced. It would never be the same understanding that personal experience gives, but the graphic details of her story paint a very clear picture of “the real world.” It is so easy to get comfortable in our churches, in our Christian circles and not notice how broken people really are. This story has opened my eyes and caused me to pray for God to use me to notice and embrace the hurting, and to encourage those with addictions to never give up, because Jesus Christ can break the chains, and can heal the heart, and the mind. 

I’ve not been able to stop thinking about Ti Ti Ladette’s testimony and have been praying for her ministry as she writes, speaks and shares her story. May God give her boldness, confidence and many opportunities to share His wonderful love. 

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Book Review by Rhonda Frye, Publisher A Front Row View

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