CD Review: Ricardo Sanchez’ GRAND SYMPHONY Review by Jon Leighton

“Life is a symphony,” says worship leader and  artist Ricardo Sanchez. “Everyone has a story to tell and a part to play. 

There’s reason and purpose in it all.” Surely that is true for Ricardo in his first full-length album.  Creativity, unique to this Texas based worship leader permeates this Grand Symphony with intercultural influence.  Rhythms, melodies, and catchy tunes flavor a project one cannot fast-forward. 

For fans of worship music,  you’ll be sure to hear the influence of co-producers Israel Houghton and Mark Townsend in songs like “Por Cristo” and “Halle Halle.”  Hip-Hop fan?  Sanchez even does this well!  Listening to “All Power” and “Forgiven” was mind-blowing in the way praise and pop fuse together to make one powerful praise song. 
“Grand Symphony” is not without it’s worshipful ballads.  “Take Over” and “Breathe Your Name” satisfy that craving in every way.  
True to its title,  Grand Symphony is just that.  Genres, instruments, voices, and styles all collaborating to produce one incredible sound.  Listeners will note contrasting consistency; meaning,  each song is colored by Ricardo Sanchez’s stylistic brush while varying in tempo, feel, and even genre.  “It’s part of the grand the world can see Christ in me.”