CD Review: Ryan Stevenson’s FRESH START By Jon Leighton

You may not be familiar with the name Ryan Stevenson, yet.  You will. 

Ryan is already known by many in the contemporary christian genre after co-writing “Speak Life” by Toby Mac.  If you’ve heard any of Stevenson’s songs by other artists, it will not be a surprise to find beat-focused pop music with some electronic sounds, a little hip-hop, and acoustic flavor thrown in to concoct a fresh, fun recipe for new album “Fresh Start.” 
Having already written for Toby Mac,  it was only appropriate to find a collaboration between the two in Ryan’s “Not Forgotten.”  It takes more than guitar riffs and synthesized sound to make a song worth hearing.  Ryan understands this concept,  and all throughout Fresh Start, you’ll find deep, meaningful lyrics.  Each selection from this album is reflective of that very principle.
Ryan Stevenson’s hook-driven lyric and sound could be best described as Biblically sound and culturally relevant.  Listener’s faith and focus will be challenged throughout is the funnest way possible.  “Fresh Start” is sure to place Ryan on the radar as one of CCM’s best new artists.