Movie Review: The UnMiracle!

What do you do when you get the opposite of what you expect or hope for from God? You certainly don’t call it a miracle. Unless you’re aware of the mysterious ways in which He works. That’s the message of THE UnMIRACLE, a film inspired by true events. When Kayla, the most popular girl at school, overdoses at a party, the young men who each feel responsible for her actions struggle to find meaning in the aftermath.

Starring Kevin Sorbo and Stephen Baldwin, the film illustrates seven storylines that spin out from Kayla’s overdose. The teen boys in her life fear their arrest and worry for her well-being, and their actions cause ripple effects throughout their families and friendships. The life-changing event sparks conversation around other tragedies: cancer, PTSD, broken homes, and drug addiction.

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Parents and children, policemen and suspects, addicts and pastors, brothers, high school friends, and dating teens, all of these relationships tease out the idea of unmiracles—the opposite of what you expect from God. The film explores the values of honor, friendship, family, and Christian faith amidst the unmiracles of life. As one character states, “The most potent weapon we have is love.”

Throughout the characters’ difficulties, they begin to see God’s hand at work, using the bad for good. Relationships are tested, but due to Kayla’s overdose, a family is reunited, a war vet reconnects with his family, and an addict seeks help from a pastor who’s been there. The storylines all converge to illustrate the power of God, even in—or especially during—adversity. One of the most telling lines from the film reminds us, “You have to be lost before you’re found.”

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